Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blogger's Choice Bundle Contest

Edited to add:  My blog has moved.  Come check me out at Patchinista.

Oh, this is exciting! My first picture on the blog... I entered a contest recently, but had to enter under the "non-blogger" method. I just deleted my non-blogger entry, and am re-entering through the traditional method.

In case you haven't seen it (and by you, I'm speaking hypothetically since I am well aware that this blog is pretty much just an exercise for me, with no readers yet), Quokka Quilts is hosting a contest sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop. Bloggers can pick 12 prints and 3 solids from the Fat Quarter Shop's extensive selection, and put it together in a bundle. Three winners will be chosen, each recieving a half yard of each fabric selected.

I originally put together this as my selection:

I really do love those fabrics, but in a theoretical sense - the colors don't go with my house, etc. If I were going to win that much fantastic fabric, I would want to use it. Like I said earlier, I'm planning pink/rainbowy I-spy quilts for my girls, so here's a bundle to go with that concept:

I just showed this to my 5 year old, and she about fell over with excitement - "I can't decide which is my favorite, Mama!"

1. Cotton Couture - Peony
2. Cotton Couture - Tangerine
3. Elephants on Parade - Yellow Maze
4. Cotton Couture - Apple
5. Elephants on Parade - Blue Maze
6. Timeless Treasures - White Birds and Apples (this was my starting point - love this!)
7. Urban Zoologie - White Staggered Owls
8. Remix - Summer Beautiful Butterflies
9. Remix - Bright Argyle Plaid
10. Elephants on Parade - White Elephants
11. Urban Zoologie - Pink Tossed Whales
12. Urban Zoologie - Spring Monkeys
13. Sorbet - Yellow Giraffe Love
14. Remix - Garden Floral Mosaic
15. Alexander Henry - Pink 2D Zoo


  1. Great choices! I am looking forward to seeing your quilt too. Good luck!

  2. Oh i love your bundle - so bright and cheerful! Well done! I am sure you will have plenty of readers in no time :) i only started last year myself :)

  3. Love your bundle. A fellow newbie myself. And I noticed you said you were planning an I-spy. I am hosting an I spy swap if you are interested.

    1. thanks so much - i need a few more swaps in order to be able to make TWO twin quilts!!